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Raid Automatic Insect control system



The Raid Automatic Advanced Insect Control System Do-It-Yourself Expert with natural pyrethrins is designed for continuous protection homes, buildings and other indoor areas against flying and crawling insects. Pyrethrins are natures’ own protection against insects, extracted from chrysanthemum daisies. Pyrethrins control most common insects.

The Raid Automatic Advanced Insect Control System has an unique automatic dispenser which uses Advanced Micromist Technology™. This system creates a mist of incredibly fine micro particles to eliminate insects. Because it’s a mist stays in the air longer, it’s more easily spread throughout your whole room.

  • 24 Hour Protection
  • Programmable Intelligent Timer
  • 2 time settings (12 & 24 hour) available for different insect infestations
  • Battery warning light
  • Twist and lock easy to assemble
  • Attractive modern design
  • 305 gram refill can lasts up to 7.5 weeks.

Handy Hints:

  • While using Raid Automatic Advanced Insect Control System Do-It-Yourself Expert Indoor a light scent of natural pyrethins may be noticed. This is a normal indication that the product is working.
  • For optimal results, keep unit in one consistent location and allow unit to operate continuously without switching off.
  • Warning: Low battery may reduce the effectiveness of dispersion.
  • Use in a ventilated area. Do not use in small non ventilated rooms.

Do It Yourself Outdoor Home Surface Spray

Raid Bug Defense kills flying and crawling insects before they get inside your home. Great for rural homes and cow sheds that have fly challenges in the summer months.

Raid Bug Defense provides on-going control throughout the summer as it kills on contact.

  • Convenient 2 litre pack
  • No mixing required
  • Auto trigger for faster and easier application
  • Product is not a Schedule 5 Poison and does not require gloves and a mask
  • Reusable auto trigger
  • Active ingredient Bifenthrin
  • Fly and Mosquito Killer – odourless
  • Multipurpose Insect Killer – odourless
  • Cockroach & Spider Killer – Indoor surface spray (kills crawling insects fast. Keeps killing up to 6 months.)
  • Ant Killer – for indoor and outdoor use (kills crawling insects fast. Keeps killing up to 6 months.)

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