Inventory Control

Advantages of inventory control system

Advantages of inventory control system

Any company that maintains inventory for sale or as part of a raw material supply must have defined inventory control policies. For most small businesses, inventory functions as the largest investment the company makes. Numerous financial and service related advantages exist for the company that manages…

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Inventory control system definition

Inventory control system definition

A Definition of Inventory Control Inventory control, also referred to as stock control, is so broad and incorporates so many functions that it is difficult to describe in a limited definition, but we like how this entry puts it: Inventory control refers to “all aspects of managing a company’s…

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Inventory control system Examples

Inventory control system Examples

Managing our inventory as a retailer is a humongous task. Inventory management grows more and more complicated with increase in sales volume and diversification of product assortments. In this post, we will discuss the various methods I have come across in retail industry for inventory control. - ABC…

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Definition inventory control system

Definition inventory control system

Inventory management is the practice overseeing and controlling of the ordering, storage and use of components that a company uses in the production of the items it sells. Inventory management is also the practice of overseeing and controlling of quantities of finished products for sale. A business s…

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Safety stock inventory control Systems

Safety stock inventory control Systems

Many argue that the focus point (and perhaps the linchpin) of successful supply chain management is inventories and inventory control. So how do companies manage their inventories? What factors drive inventory costs? When might it make sense to keep larger inventories? Why were some companies quicker…

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