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Security Access Control Systems

Business access control systems protect your business in many ways. They control who can gain entry into particular areas and they provide a variety of data that can be useful to your operation.

Vector Security® designs access control solutions that fit the needs of your business, including your staff. In designing the system, we discuss your objectives with you, then select from a variety of technologies and services to create a system tailored to be an ideal fit. The system is then expertly installed and thoroughly tested to make sure it will work reliably time and time again.

Security access control products and services include:

  • Swipe readers
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric readers
  • Combination technology readers
  • Access cards
  • Photo identification systems
  • Turnstile readers
  • Video analytics interface
  • Basic intercom systems

Access control also helps improve operating efficiency and security:

  • End the need to replace lost keys or make multiple sets of keys.
  • Incorporate time and attendance features to streamline administrative processes.
  • Integrate with video surveillance to record events triggered by specific access credentials.
  • Control who has access to restricted areas of your property with customized credentialing.

For a customized access control system solution, contact a Vector Security® expert now.

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