TUSSIDE s internal control

Scope of internal control system

A successful internal control environment requires management's commitment and support. Management's goal is not to make each person an expert in internal controls, but to increase awareness and understanding of why we need them and how we use them.

Executive management is committed to System Administration's Internal Control Program and strongly encourages adherence to the program for the betterment of the University.


The Office of the University Controller is assigned the responsibility to oversee and coordinate System Administration's Internal Control Program. The University Controller has been designated the Internal Control Officer and is responsible for implementation of this program.

Although management is primarily responsible for implementing internal controls, every employee participates in establishing, properly documenting and maintaining internal controls.

Employees are responsible for complying with internal controls by:

  • Successfully fulfilling the duties and responsibilities established in their job description;
  • Monitoring work to ensure it is done properly and that errors are corrected promptly;
  • Meeting applicable performance standards;
  • Taking all reasonable steps to safeguard assets against waste, loss, unauthorized use and misappropriation;
  • Adhering to all applicable policies and procedures;
  • Attending education and training programs to increase awareness and understanding; and
  • Reporting breakdowns in internal control systems to their supervisor or manager.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for executing control policies and procedures within their departments by:

  • Maintaining a positive office environment that encourages internal controls,
  • Documenting policies and procedures that are to be followed in performing office functions,
  • Identifying the control objectives for each function and implementing cost effective controls designed to meet those objectives, and
  • Regularly testing the controls to verify they are performing as intended.

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