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System Control Manager is Windows-based security software.System Control Manager is Windows-based security software.

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From detecting and eliminating viruses to blocking hackers, System Control Manager is a free security tool that protects your office computer from malicious code, Internet scripts and spyware. The program is a stand-alone security suite that runs on Windows systems only and includes privacy features for not only Internet Explorer but also Firefox and Windows Media Player. System Control Manager is not a native Windows program nor does Microsoft manufacture the program.


Acertant Technologies, Inc., manufactures System Control Manager and releases updates and patches as well as provides support for the program. The program's file size is 6.2 Megabytes and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003, Windows XP and 2000. It is unknown if the Internet security program is compatible with Windows 8, though.

Background Program

System Control Manager works by disabling non-secure components including Internet plug-ins, Windows components that access your computer's Internet connection and third-party applications that access the Internet connection for sending and receiving data. The program works in the background, automatically detects security issues and doesn't require constant user interaction.

Registry Checker

The program also includes a trace deleting component that searches your computer's Windows Registry and checks for entries that are harmful to your computer. Once the detection process is complete, System Control Manager removes the unnecessary entries including plug-ins and Internet tracking entries sent from Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player, Firefox and other Internet browsers as well as Domain Name System caches.


Like other Windows programs, you can also disable System Control Manager, if desired, and stop the program from running but your computer will no longer be protected by the program. If running another Internet security program on your computer, you may want to disable System Control Manager to keep the program from causing any conflicts with the other security program, including causing your computer to run slow and your computer freezing when accessing the Internet.

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