Face recognition Access Control System

NEW Face Recognition Biometric Access Control Reader

FaceSentinel is a totally new concept in biometric Access Control and integrates with existing Access Control systems via industry standard protocols.

FaceSentinel is designed for High Security applications where the highest levels of security and reliability are demanded. The sensor element is completely non-contact, highly tolerant and simple to use, making it an ideal alternative to contact based technologies like Palm and Fingerprint readers.

Because FaceSentinel is a Facial Recognition system, a key advantage is that images of all Access events (denied/allowed etc) can be stored for analysis should an attempted breach be suspected. Users only interaction with the system is to look briefly at the sensor as they use their Access Control token and verification occurs in around 20mS.

FaceSentinel can be retrofitted to existing Access Control systems and we can work with your existing vendor to provide a fully integrated solution. Biometric Access Control has never been so fast, secure and simple to use.

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