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Lenel Access Control Systems

Lenel has three series of controller offerings for the OnGuard® Platform. Each series has unique capabilities, but consists of similar components: one or more Intelligent System Controllers as well as specific Reader Interface Modules, Input Modules, and Output Modules. Each controller in each series has a specific maximum number of modules that the controller can support, so the controller can be tailored to the needs of each site.

Access Series

The Access Series from Lenel is the primary family of controllers for the OnGuard System. The Access Series focuses on supporting access control functions of OnGuard. There are three controllers in this family, each utilizing a single reader interface module and dual reader interface module, a 16 input module, and a 16 output module.

Security Series

The Security Series from Lenel is a hybrid access control and intrusion system family of controllers and modules for the OnGuard System. There are four controllers in this series, each utilizing a single door interface, dual door interface, 16 input module and a 16 output module.

Lenel M Series

The Lenel M Series enables quick migration from legacy CASI Micro-based systems to the OnGuard System. There is a single controller in this series, each utilizing three unique reader interface modules, a 20 input module, and a 16 output module.

  • Multiple Reader Technology Support – Wiegand, Magstripe, OSDP
  • Up to 64 reader support per panel (LNL-3300)
  • Up to 128 elevator control floors
  • Approved intrusion monitoring system, UL 1610, UL 1981, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-6, EN50133-1, EN50133-1-1, EN50133-2-1
  • Support for up to 1024 zones
  • Dual path reporting, OnGuard (IP only) and Central Station using either dialup or IP

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