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Technology has come so far now that Camera Systems & Proximity Card Access Control Systems are as valuable & proactive a tool for your home or business as ever. The days of the old passive camera systems only showing you fragments of what happened yesterday are long gone! Now, it’s real-time remote viewing with integrated function control from anywhere in the world via a laptop, tablet or Smartphone. These security systems are what your business needs to stay protected.

Securing your business is what Ricco Security does best! The commercial security solutions we offer are not only some of the most innovative technology on the market but can also be personalized to to suit your business security needs. From the design to the installation Ricco Security offers a complete line of complex security systems and video surveillance systems for Michigan businesses.

Proximity Card/Access ControlThe veri-focal HD cameras we offer are full color with over 700 lines of resolution providing recognizable images, 36 integrated LED lights for 60’-90’ night vision. The DVR’s state of the art functionality offers huge storage at months at a time, instant SMS text/email/phone alerts, programmable audio greetings, exterior/interior lighting control, programmable motion detection down to the pixel, and so much more. Read More about our Security Cameras >

Ricco Security, Inc. offers the latest in Proximity Card Access Control Systems, Asset Protection, and Facility Access Control Systems. These systems control door access using proximity cards or key fobs. All cards scanned are date/time stamped and recorded in the systems log file. Proximity Access Control systems allow you control entry to your building or warehouse through swing door or outside entrance. Read More about our Proximity Card Systems >

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