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What are Access Control Systems?

Most small, as well as large businesses, are worried, or more like obsessed, about their security and we are not just talking about data security but also the physical security of the employees at their workplace. And they are right to do so. Most of them may choose to hope for the best when it comes to security and to reduce costs instead of taking precautionary measures to secure their businesses. An access control system is a tool to have a complete in-house remote control over your business’ security which can be customized according to individualized solutions.

What Exactly is an Access Control System?

As the name suggests, an access control system controls access to a company resource. Most of the time, these resources are the company office, building or specific rooms within a building with higher security than the rest. The installation of an access control system will ensure that you can monitor and restrict the access to that part of your building to any number of individuals, according to your preference.

Do you Need an Access Control System?

When you think about your business, you think about keeping your data inside and every threat outside. Regardless of the size of your business, this is the general objective. Most businesses acknowledge their seriousness about any possible security threat by putting locks and automated employee tracking systems on their doors and provide key cards to their employees to gain access or even to time themselves in when they come to work. However, keying in and out each time an employee leaves the building is a time consuming and costly solution which can be easily be upgraded to an access control system. If you have the following concerns, you should definitely think about investing in an access control system immediately.

  • Is a stolen key or a security card an instant threat to your business?
  • Do some employees need a different access privilege?
  • Is it beneficial for your business to restrict access to your office at certain times of the day?
  • Can your employees and clients be more secure?
  • Do you need a record of who enters and leaves the premises?

Why Access Control is Absolutely Necessary in a Modern Workplace

Access control systems are available in a variety of sizes and for different purposes. Their customization makes them ideal for any business. Although many companies rely on the ID badges that are identified with the individual security codes with wireless entrances and keypads, a remote and automated control system can offer your company the following benefits.

1. Audit Trail

You will have a record of each time a door is opened and closed, allowing you to map out the activity in certain areas of your office that can be used in time and attendance monitoring as well as employee management issues, such as time card disputes.

2. Time/Day Restrictions

Do you have some employees that are only allowed in the building at certain times of the day, such as the janitorial staff that are only required at the nighttime and a few times every week? An access control system can be used to restrict their access at any other time of day when they are not expected or needed in the office.

3. Remote Access Control

Most access control systems allow complete control of their inner mechanisms by a main system. With just one touch of a button, the whole system will completely lock down. It can also be used to add or remove credentials from the system.

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