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000 plastic cups made using a minimum 50 percent recycled PET from CLES's sister company, Closed Loop Recycling, will be supplied by Coveris to Delaware North, with the volume expected to ultimately rise to in excess of two million per year.The platform will help guide design decisions by illustrating the benefits of closed loop product design in terms of resource efficiency, CO2 production and energy use, and will provide business metrics such as lifecycle cost estimates, rapid identification of critical materials, product specific and remanufacturing considerations and legislative requirements.Aviya's Closed Loop Bench provides a high fidelity representation of an aircraft's various systems through real-time simulation and custom hardware, providing the user with a testing platform that is ideal for development of embedded systems.While virtual cards and mobile wallets are a novelty today, these technologies will be instrumental in driving growth for the closed loop gift market over the next 10 years, " Sloane says.Print performance comparison between with/without closed loop control gives a measure of process improvements produced by the closed-loop control system.Its contract for the supply of rPET will enable the company to be first to market with a range of fully recycled and recyclable disposable products using material from Closed Loop London, marking a step-change in UK food disposables manufacture.The Closed Loop Filtration System is built of stainless steel to increase the service life of the system.Initiated by Closed Loop London, the project has received private equity funding from Foresight Venture Partners and a banking facility from Allied Irish Bank and is also supported by public sector funding from the London Development Agency and WRAREach standing column well has approximately 10 times the capacity of a vertical closed loop well.Retrofitting the shot controllers has allowed us to convert older machines to a full closed loop system at a fraction of the cost of a new shot end, " said Mark Potratz, senior process engineer at Mercury.Care should be taken when high signal gains (transfer resistances) are selected because the very high feedback resistor and a very small detector shunt resistance can produce a very high closed loop voltage gain.The Closed Loop Marketing Executive Summit will provide a forum for the Proscape user community and other invited Life Sciences executives to exchange knowledge and best practices, share innovative ideas and network with like-minded peers.

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