Nise Control Systems

Control Systems Engineering Norman Nise

ME 451-Control Systems, Spring 2010
  • Midterm #2 will be given on Friday April 9.
  • You can bring hand written cheat sheets (2 pages) for Exam 2. Xerox copied cheat sheets are NOT allowed.
  • Midterm #2 will cover the material in Chapter 4: System Responses, Chapter 5: Control System Characteristics, Chapter 6: Stability Analysis, and Chapter 7: Root Locus Analysis and Design.
  • Midterm exam 1 will be held on Friday Feb 19th.
  • It will cover up to the hw due by Wed Feb 17th.
  • You can bring a 1 page (one sideded) cheat sheet for Exam 1.
  • Laplace Tranformation Table will be given if it is necessary.
  • Quiz Statistics: Mean=24.67857 and Std=5.2638.
  • HW2 is posted.
  • There will be a math quiz on Friday 1/22.
  • HW1 and Old math quiz examples are posted.
  • Syllabus

  • Instructor:

    2459 Engineering Building
    East Lansing, MI 48824, Phone: (517)-432-3164

    Lecturer: M W F: 12:40pm-1:30pm, 2245 Engineering Building

    Office hours: M W F 10:10-11:00pm, 2459 Engineering Building, Extra hours can be arranged

    Laboratory Instructor: Professor C. J. Radcliffe

    2445 Engineering Building
    East Lansing, MI 48824, Phone: (517)-355-5198

    TA for Homework: Jeffrey Striker Email: strick69 at

    TA will grade homework and other TAs are available during laboratory sessions to help students with homework.

    Course Description
    Mathematical modeling of dynamic systems. Standard feedback control formulation. Transient and sinusoidal steady-state analysis. Time and frequency domain controller synthesis.
  • Modern Control Engineering, Katsuhiko Ogata, Prentice Hall.
  • Control Systems Engineering, Norman S. Nise, fifth edition, John Wiley and Sons, Inc,

  • Handouts and Notes
  • Additional linearization note from Dr. Radcliffe.

  • Grading

    Homework 10%
    Math Quiz 5%
    Exam 1 17.5%
    Exam 2 17.5%
    Final Exam(comprehensive) 25%
    Laboratory work 25%
    Total 100%


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