Control Systems Engineering companies

Our students are sought for their interdisciplinary and problem solving skills. Employers include large companies, small startups, and many medium size companies that need technical team members for complex engineering design and analysis problems. They are hired by control engineering companies (Rockwell Automation, Keithley, Honeywell), automobile companies (Ford, GM) computer companies (IBM, Lucent, Bellcore) aerospace companies (GE, JPL, NASA, Boeing), manufacturing companies Goodrich, GE, Proctor & Gamble), power companies, and government agencies.

Could you become a Systems and Control Engineer?

Systems and Control Engineers are general-purpose engineers. They know to analyze and design complex systems that have many kinds of components human and technological. Systems and Control Engineers often serve as the technical managers and leaders in interdisciplinary projects. If you are a “big picture” person, have diverse interests with strong abilities in mathematics, good communication skills, and if you like to solve problems and make things work, then this may be the career for you.

What do Systems and Control Engineers do?

Systems and Control Engineers are the people who analyze, optimize, control, and design complex systems that are all around us. In complicated devices, such as automobile anti-lock braking systems, aircraft flight controllers, robotic manufacturing assembly lines, rate-adaptive pacemakers, computer communication systems, and advanced petrochemical refineries, the skills and talents of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, metallurgists, and computer engineers are often required. But it is the systems and control engineers who study the integration and coordination of all of the component subsystems. Systems and Control Engineers are trained in the skills and tools that bring together the efforts of several engineering fields, to make things work efficiently and well - to make things happen!

Is the Systems and Control Program at CWRU well ranked?

Yes, we are ranked as the #2 Systems Engineering Program in North America, in the Gourman Report (9th edition, 1996)

Is the Systems and Control Program at CWRU accredited?

Yes. We were the first systems program to be ABET accredited in the United States.

What kind of courses do Systems and Control majors take?

Required courses include topics such as Engineering Optimization, Computer Simulation, Systems Modeling, Control Systems Design and Analysis, Signal Analysis, Decision Theory and Engineering Economics, as well as advanced mathematics and statistics courses. Students take courses from other engineering departments as well. There are three elective sequence options within the major:

  • Control Systems - automation, control, and signal processing, with electives in robotics and machine intelligence.
  • Systems Analysis - modelling, optimization, decision making and computer simulation, with electives in operations research and management.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Systems - production and manufacturing systems, with electives in management and automation.

In addition to course work, there are “hands on” laboratory courses as well as computer-based laboratory experiences. The senior year includes design projects where students apply what they have learned in course work in a team and individual setting. Also, all engineering majors at Case take core engineering courses and options in the sciences and mathematics, together with a selection of humanities and social sciences courses.

Is there an Industrial Engineering B.S. Program at CWRU?

We offer several courses in this field, within the Manufacturing and Industrial Systems sequence of the Systems and Control major. However we do not offer a traditional Industrial Engineering B.S. program at the current time.

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