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Controlled lighting systems

Distributed Personal Control: Office occupants enjoy personal on/off and dimming control of their fluorescent lighting from convenient Digital EquinoxTM wall stations. All stations for an entire floor share a single network wire. Since the signals for the dimming ballasts and the local relay packs are provided directly by the station, no additional home run wiring is required.

Daylight Harvesting: Employees working after hours conveniently respond to the warning blink of the lighting by pressing a few keys on their phone and extending the lighted period.

Occupancy Reporting: Energy savings in small areas like offices is maximized through the use of occupancy sensors. Lighting is automatically turned off when the occupant leaves the office for an extended length of time. Since the Synergy control system has "visibility" of the occupancy status, it can be passed on to the HVAC controls via the BACnet protocol.

Automatic Contrast Control: Lobby lighting is often a compromise between aesthetics and saving energy. In this case, the photocell is set to increase the level of feature lighting in the lobby during the day to maintain a pleasant balance with the level of sunlight. This photocell operation is automatically disabled during weekends.

Programmed Visual Interest: A time schedule automatically sets the lobby lighting to appropriate levels to enhance the exterior visual appeal of the building during early evening hours. Later in the evening, the schedule turns off all lighting in the lobby except for security lighting.

Manual Remote Control: Time schedules or occupancy sensors may not be appropriate for controlling randomly used spaces such as the loading dock. A set of switches with LED status lights are conveniently located near the reception desk to control and monitor the lighting in these areas. For security reasons, the lighting on the loading dock cannot be switched off unless the loading doors are locked.

Preset Scene Convenience: Dimming control stations with preset scenes provide the appropriate light levels for all activities held in the auditorium. Projected presentations require low light levels, while meetings call for bright lighting. Smooth transitions between preset scenes are made simply by touching a button on the control station.

Integration with A/V: A touch screen control unit and infrared remote transmitter allow the presenter complete access to all audio/visual functions as well as integrated lighting control. The A/V system and the lighting system are interfaced through a standard RS232 serial data connection.

Theatrical Flair: Corporate presentations often call for theatrical lighting effects for impact or to add a festive mood to the occasion. A small theatrical control desk provides more than enough flexibility for these occasions. The lighting system responds to the DMX control signal from the console when required, then automatically reverts to the preset controls when the console is switched off.

Dusk to Time Operation: The exterior and site lighting is automatically turned on in the evening by the schedule. An astronomic feature in the logic allows the system to calculate sunrise and sunset times for the local area. All exterior lighting is utilized during early evening hours. Later, most of the exterior lighting is turned off by the schedule to conserve energy and reduce sky glow.

Adjusts to Environmental Conditions: Stormy or overcast conditions may call for exterior lighting and signage to turn on earlier than scheduled. A building-mounted photocell monitors these conditions and passes light-level information to the Synergy control system. On weekends and holidays, photocell overrides are ignored.

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