Version Control

Version control system PPT

Version control system PPT

Setting up a subversion repository is trivial; I frequently set one up as a one-off thing for small projects (such as developing code for an answer on Stack Overflow!), and I doubt anybody else who could learn an SCM system at all would have any trouble with it. $ svnadmin create /home/cjs/repo $ mkdir my-project $ cd my-project $ vi hello.c [hack hack hack] $ svn import -m…

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Subversion version control system

Subversion version control system

If you re a user or system administrator pondering the use of Subversion, the first question you should ask yourself is: Is this the right tool for the job? Subversion is a fantastic hammer, but be careful not to view every problem as a nail. If you need to archive old versions of files and directories, possibly resurrect them, or examine logs of how they ve changed over…

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