Sensotronic Brake Control

Sensotronic Brake control system


Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) is an innovativeelectronically controlled system which Mercedes-Benz will fit on future passenger car models.Following on from innovations like ABS ASR. ESP andBrake Assist, this systems regarded as another important milestone toenhance driving safety. With Sensotronic Brake control electric impulsesare used to pass the driver's braking commands onto a microcomputer which processes various sensor signals simultaneously and, dependingon the particular driving situation, calculates the optimum brake pressurefor each wheel. As a result, SBC offers even greater active safety thanconventional brake systems when braking in a corner or on a slipperysurface. A high-pressure reservoir and electronically controllable valvesensure that maximum brake pressure is available much sooner.Moreover, the system offers innovative additional functions to reducethe driver’s workload. These include Traffic Jam Assist, which brakes

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