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Established within the University of Texas System as a service to the Board of Regents, chancellor, and executive staff of the U. T. System, the System Audit Office provides an independent internal audit appraisal function to examine and evaluate U. T. System activities.

Our Role & Mission

The internal audit activity is established by the Board of Regents. The internal audit activity’s responsibilities are defined by the Audit, Compliance, and Management Review Committee (ACMR) of the Board of Regents as part of its oversight role.

The mission of the System Audit Office is to:

  • Provide to management, the System Administration Internal Audit Committee (IAC) and the ACMR independent, objective evaluations of the operations, policies, procedures, and controls at UT System Administration.
  • Provide for UT System management, the IAC, and the ACMR oversight of all internal audit departments in the UT System to assure that an effective internal audit function which includes a risk-based annual and long-range audit plan, a reporting mechanism, and a quality assurance program, is in place Systemwide.
  • Provide to the internal audit departments of mid-size and small institutions supplemental assistance and resources so that they can provide institutional management, institutional IACs, and the ACMR with independent, objective evaluations of their institutional operations, policies, procedures, and controls.

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