In open loop (diagram)

Open loop diagram

[sysp, sysc] = getlinplant(block, op)
[sysp, sysc] = getlinplant(block, op, options)


[sysp, sysc] = getlinplant(block, op) Computes the open-loop plant seen by a Simulink® block labeled block (where block specifies the full path to the block). The plant model, sysp, and linearized block, sysc, are linearized at the operating point op.

[sysp, sysc] = getlinplant(block, op, options) Computes the open-loop plant seen by a Simulink block labeled block, using the linearization options specified in options.


To compute the open-loop model seen by the Controller block in the Simulink model magball, first create an operating point object using the function findop. In this case, you find the operating point from simulation of the model.

magball op=findop('magball', 20);

Next, compute the open-loop model seen by the block magball/Controller, with the getlinplant function.

[sysp, sysc]=getlinplant('magball/Controller', op)

The output variable sysp gives the open-loop plant model as follows:

a = Current dhdt height Current -100 0 0 dhdt -2.801 0 196.2 height 0 1 0 b = Controller Current 50 dhdt 0 height 0 c = Current dhdt height Sum2 0 0 -1 d = Controller Sum2 0 Continuous-time model.

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