Intelligent Traffic Control

Intelligent Traffic Control system

Siemens’ smartGuard traffic computer is a traffic control system that operates in a secure cloud. The service enables smaller cities and municipalities to build virtual, web-based traffic control systems without having to invest in costly hardware. Instead, they connect to a central traffic computer fully operated by Siemens. To integrate municipalities’ infrastructures into smartGuard – traffic light systems, traffic detectors and parking garages, for instance into Siemens developed a special controller that can be housed in a control cabinet next to each installation. Authorized personnel can then connect from any internet-capable device via a private cloud, i.e. a secured IT environment, to smartGuard and monitor and manage their systems.

With the aid of Sitraffic SmartGuard software, municipal traffic controllers can access a central traffic control system via a so-called Private Cloud from their PC, tablet or smartphone, enabling them to conveniently and efficiently control traffic systems.

SmartGuard’s Sitraffic software provides all the basic functionality required to monitor and control small town traffic and safeguard operations. Operators have an overview of traffic in their municipality at all times. They can monitor current traffic flow or get information regarding occupancy of parking garages. If needed, they can manage traffic by setting the light signals or dynamic street signs accordingly. SmartGuard monitors all connected systems and sends malfunction warnings to a local service technician, who can then log in and start troubleshooting. Technicians can also check if a spare part is needed and how urgently the replacement needs to be addressed.

To use Sitraffic smartGuard, users need – in addition to the new controllers – access to the Siemens Private Cloud and an HTML5.0-capable browser on their PC, tablet or smart phone. Siemens operates its virtual traffic control system, whose availability, reliability, and safety have all been certified, in Munich. SmartGuard already manages more than 5, 000 traffic signal installations, 12, 000 detectors, 250 parking garages and 50 buses in about 50 cities in 18 countries. That makes it the largest traffic management system in the world.

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