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What is On/Off control?

What is On/Off control?

Sometimes, the control element has only two position either it is fully closed or fully open. This control element does not operate at any intermediate position, i.e. partly open or partly closed position. The control system made for controlling such elements, is known as on off control theory . In this…
Eshowroom of klean oil purification system GLBCR.

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Control loop Theory

Control loop Theory

Chapter: (p.229) 11 Conflict Control Loop Theory of Cognitive ControlSource:The Neuroscience of AttentionPublisher:Oxford University Press DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/364.003.0011 This chapter explores the conflict control loop theory of cognitive control, a mechanistic framework that helps explain the behavioral and neural mechanisms that are engaged due to conflict from distracters…

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Wireless liquor control Systems

Wireless liquor control Systems

Wi-Pour is the first wireless dispense solution designed to give the operator the most complete and economical answer to the problem of inventory loss from over-pouring, giveaways and shrinkage. The Bev-Met Collar is a wireless tracking solution designed to give an operator a value laden solution to tracking every bottle in inventory. It measures the flow of liquor from a bottle…

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Simple control loop

Simple control loop

By far, the most commonly used control technique is that of the basic feedback control loop. This is so because of its almost universal applicability, which will be discussed in more depth later. Four Basic Elements A negative feedback control system is composed of four basic elements that are connected in series. Briefly, they are: Process Any operation involving a change…

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Integrated control and safety Systems

Integrated control and safety Systems

Critical software-dependent systems are key enablers for safe and robust operations, but are getting more integrated and more complex. The control of complex systems and equipment in the maritime and oil and gas industries has migrated from electromechanical/hydraulic systems to complex software-intensive systems. Nearly everything on-board modern ships, offshore rigs, and…

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