Lighting Control

Sensors lighting Controls systems

Sensors lighting Controls systems

Aware™ Occupancy and Photo Sensors In addition to switches and scheduling, you can further increase efficiency and save money on energy with GE Aware™ Occupancy and Photo Sensors. A recent study has shown that utilizing occupancy and photo sensors saves an average of 30-40% on energy costs.* GE Aware is a comprehensive line of sensors that offer solutions for almost any application…

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Best home lighting control systems

Best home lighting control systems

Internet-enabled products often cost more than their low-tech siblings. To tell whether they’re worth it, we test their “life improving” claims and their primary function. We also determine how easy these smart features are to set up and use. Here are several products, most of which we’ve tested, and whether we’d pay for them. Worth buying Connected by TCP light system, $50…

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Stage lighting control systems

Stage lighting control systems

You know you want it When theatrical lighting professionals think of great control systems, they automatically think of Why? Well, because we stock the professional stage lighting consoles that set industry standards for performance and ease of use. The art of theatrical lighting is becoming more ambitious and spectacular all the time; but whichever console…

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